Mobile PhonesSamsung note-8 coming 8th August

Samsung note-8 coming 8th August

Samsung note-8 coming 8th August

Technology giant Samsung Electronics is going to unveil the latest phone of their note series in August. This will be in New York City in the US This event will be held in the second week of August.

Although it is organized in a very secret way, it has already been revealed that it unveils Samsung’s new note series phone ‘Galaxy Note 8’.

An official of Samsung Electronics confirmed this information. But he did not want to reveal his name identity.

On Thursday, he told Reuters that the Note 8 device will be curved. Also, it can be larger than the 6.2-inch Galaxy S8 version.It also has a number of new features than the S8. There are two rear cameras. Where there was a rear camera with a 5.7-inch curved screen in Note 7.

But this person did not agree to speak anymore outside. Even if he was asked about the price, he did not say anything. On the other hand, Samsung Electronics spokesperson declined to comment on the issue.

The South Korean company is very optimistic about the note series device. Earlier, Samsung had suffered huge losses in its premium device note 7 explosions last year.

Samsung was forced to withdraw from the market at one point in the handset’s battery problem. However, after bringing several new handsets, losing profit after losing the face, Samsung has again seen profits.

Samsung has been more vigilant to get back their customers’ confidence, and they have released their Galaxy S8 phone in the market. Samsung gets good and very positive feedback afterward. The company has returned to the same business as well.

Analysts now believe that giving Note 8 will give an amazing experience and give customers a unique experience. But wait for this surprise to wait until August.

Last year when there was a fire in the Note 7 smartphone, many people gave up hope of the possibility of Note 8.

In January this year, South Korean firm Samsung Mobile’s mobile division DJ Coo accidentally confirmed the issue of the next issue of Note 7.

Samsung has announced the first quarter earnings of the year recently.

There was a possibility of a new Note 8. Samsung could release the phone in the second half of the year.

Samsung announced on Thursday the results of the last quarter ended March 31. Authorities said in a statement that Samsung will bring a new smartphone in the second half of the year.

During this time, Samsung will release the note series smartphones in the market. Samsung Galaxy Note 5 in 2012 and Samsung’s Note 7 in August last year.

According to Samsung’s statement, the note 8 is being released in the market while leaving the regular smartphone market.

Usually, Apple’s new iPhone comes in the market before the note-series flagship smartphone market is discounted. But the South Korean company is not in a hurry this year due to bad experience last year. However, the world of technology is waiting to see whether Samsung will be able to spend with Note 7 of the Note 7

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